urban danceprix - showcontest

General information

The competition is a show dance contest for urban dances. Dance groups of 4 to 16 people from the age of 16 years can apply. At the final, a jury of experts and the audience decide on the distribution of the prize money.

 The following prize money will be awarded:
1st prize: 2,000 €
2nd prize: 1,000 €
3rd prize: 500 €
Audience Award: 500 €

The term "urban dances" comprises a large number of individual dance styles that have developed in the urban environment of the last 40 years in the metropolises of the world. Forerunners in many areas have been and continue to be protagonists in US cities, with strong influences from Central Europe and Japan in the past 15-20 years. The dance styles and developments have spread throughout the world via the media such as film, TV and, more recently, the Internet. The different dance styles were influenced by hip-hop culture and their musical references of funk, rhythm and blues, soul, rap, and house music. The best known dance styles are Locking, Boogaloo, Popping, Breakdance / B-Boying, Soulfunk, Hip Hop Nu Style, Housedance, Krumping, Turfing, C-Walk and Jerking. Organizations that would give structure to the urban dance as an art form do not exist, possibly due to the peculiarity of these dances of foregrounding own creativity and originality of the individual dancer or the group. This goes hand in hand with a steady development and change of the dance styles.


Idea giver

The Biberach Funky Kids, local representatives of urban dance, expect the danceprix to draw attention to the extensive hip hop dance-specific environment in Biberach. The event will provide motivation and inspiration for daily training, especially to young dancers.



The city of Biberach as organizer in cooperation with Jugend Aktiv e.V. is expanding its offer with the urban danceprix and thus reaches children, adolescents, young adults, and families with the event being suitable and attractive for all ages.



Funky Kids: Natalie Molker, Sebnem Piotti, Andreas Schröder and Nico Zimmermann

City of Biberach, Cultural Office: Klaus Buchmann, Julian Gröschl, Rebecca Schwatz and Marita Fäßler


Visuals: Anne Thamm