Conditions for Participation

The age of the participating band members is at most 26 years (due date is March 21st 2020). The application is open vor 2 to 7 musicians, optional with vocals. The participation is open for (Jazz-) students at universitys or Musikhochschulen as well as for commercial or employed musicians. There are no limitations in the style. The length of the show in the finals is limited to 25 minutes.


The Application should be passed in on this website within the given application form. The following information and uploads are required:

•    Name, Adress
•    List of all band members with information about the age and the education
•    description of the band
•    Photos (jpg)
•    Music (mp3)
•    Website (optional)
•    Videos (Links to YouTube, optional)


1.    Price           2.000 €
2.    Price           1.000 €
3.    Price              500 €
4.-5. Price             300 €
Audienceprice       500 €
Compositionprice  500 €

Timetable (changes reserved)

September: Application Start, on this Website
January 10th 2020: Application Deadline
February 10th 2020: Announcement of the Finalists
March 21st 2020: Finals in the Gigelberghalle Biberach