short concert

Olivia Trummer, Piano

Every year, the Jazz Prize is enriched by an additional musical delicacy in the form of a short concert by an established great in the German jazz scene to round off the evening. In 2018 it was Olivia Trummer who musically heralded the award ceremony after the contributions of the participating bands.
Jazz pianist, singer, composer. Olivia Trummer is everything in one. In her solo concerts, the classically trained musician draws on a broad musical spectrum. In her compositions, she creates her very own, poetic, one could even say philosophical universe. 
Her songs are characterized by the unconventionality of a thoroughbred jazz musician and at the same time show a sensitivity for popular music and singer/songwriter elements. And with her jazz arrangements of works by J. S. Bach and W. A. Mozart, she again establishes a connection to classical music. 
Klaus Doldinger comments: "The music is outstanding, both composition and interpretation. I don't know any jazz musician of this calibre in our latitudes".