Renowned wind musicians and music educators as well as experts from the media industry make up the jury. They award the prizes 1-5. The audience prize is determined by audience voting.
The jury 2018 consisted of:

Hans-Peter Zachary

Born in Biberach, he was already connected to the music scene as a teenager. His first appearance as a rock guitarist in the Gigelbergturnhalle was at the age of 15. After graduating from high school, he made the leap to California. There he graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood as a studio and jazz guitarist. In addition to his 20 years of journalistic work in radio, this is one of the key qualifications for today's function - manager of one of the most successful big bands in the world, the SWR Big Band. For 10 years at the helm there has been a Grammy nomination, the Jazzaward in Gold, more than 400 concerts, numerous TV shows and over 20 CD productions - that's quite a combination that turns a trained guitarist into an expert brass or folk music juror. Through Hans-Peter Zachary this year's jury for the VolXmusik Grandprix Finale 2018 is complete.

Andreas Broger

Already at the age of 17, together with Bartholomäus Natter and Johannes Bär, he laid the foundation stone for the foundation of the "Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub", a formation that helped shape the style of "Neue Volksmusik" in Austria for years. Andreas Broger studied classical saxophone at the University Mozarteum Innsbruck. Meanwhile he was active in the military music department of Vorarlberg and played in the Tyrolean Landestheater and with the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra. In September 2017 the album of "Blechbaragge" will be released, a new project with percussionist Alfred Vogel and tubist Johannes Bär, many of the compositions being penned by Andreas. In January 2018 the CD of "Hunter" will be released, a project of the trombonist and composer Phil Yaeger, born in Maine and living in Vienna, which was recorded in New York. Andreas Broger is currently working on a solo improvisation project entitled "Wet Paint" and the duo "Die kleine Koalition" with bassist Johannes Eder, who also plays freely improvised music.

Bartholomäus Natter

Born and raised in Bregenzerwald/Vorarlberg, he learned the trumpet from the age of six and came into contact with alpine folk music at a very early age. After his school career he was a trumpeter for military music in Vorarlberg for several years and studied at the Landeskonservatorium in Feldkirch as well as at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. At the beginning of the 2000s, he founded the holstuonarmusigbigbandclub (hmbc) together with Andreas Broger and Johannes Bär, with whom he celebrated success on various stages in Austria and abroad. Today Bartholomäus Natter lives as a freelance musician in Vienna and is active in various formations, from chamber music to jazz, folk and brass music.

Klaus Härtel

When Klaus Härtel learned to play the trumpet in those days, he did not even remotely think that music could one day be used to earn a living. Music was first and foremost a time-consuming pastime. The active, blown music took a back seat, the passive music belonged to the foreground after studying journalism. Today Klaus Härtel is editor-in-chief of CLARINO. CLARINO is a specialist magazine for wind music and focuses on training and further education as well as knowledge topics in wind music.

Martin Simma

Martin Simma began his public musical career here in the district of Biberach as manager, bassist and lyricist of the cult band Pomm Fritz. In Munich he had successful acts like Captain Jack, Daisy Dee, Kathy Kelly from the Kelly Family, and many more under contract as label manager. Afterwards he returned to his musical roots, the style mix between folk music and current music styles. He was label manager of HMBC ("Vo Mello bis ge Schoppernau"). After that he founded the band voXXclub and has been its artistic director, producer and manager ever since. With voXXclub he achieved chart entries in D-A-CH, platinum and gold status, three ECHO nominations, the "Preis der Besten" of the ARD twice, nomination Goldene Henne and over a hundred TV appearances. Other acts that Martin Simma and his management company Rosenklang look after include the "Fäaschtbänkler" and "La Goassn". Simma is one of the best experts on the new folk music scene.